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Tinder is taking on Snapchat with the new “Moments” feature

Tinder became one of the most popular apps around by offering one simple service, but now the company is hoping to expand its offerings by adding a tried and true feature to its own app with self-destructing photos. The new feature, called Moments, should be rolling out to Android and iOS today, offering the option to send disappearing photos to random people you match up with online. Moments only works once you’ve matched up with someone, meaning you’ll still have to swipe through the current version of Tinder first. Once you get a match, you can snap a photo or grab one already saved to your phone and then quickly send it to all your current matches. Every photo sent over Tinder has a 24-hour lifespan before it disappears.

While Tinder has made quite a few romantic matches, the hot new dating app has long hadambitions of connecting people beyond love and attraction. Tinder wants to be the place you go to make any connection, whether that be friendship or romance. Today, the app is launching “Moments,” an ephemeral photos feature that CEO Sean Rad says will be a big step towards helping people get to know each other. As most of you know, Tinder works by giving users a stack of potential matches and allowing them to swipe right or left to show their interest. If two users express mutual interest, then the app will connect them, allowing them to send each other messages. Tinder is approaching 2 billion matches made (up from 1 billion in March). Last November, Tinder started allowing you to make lists of your matches, which was one of its first steps towards a “for all” use case. Rad explains that the Tinder team thought about how to allow people to get to know each other in an effective way, with an eye on mobile design and behavior. As people accumulated matches, it was a challenge to get to know them. “Moments” allows people to share special moments with each other, and thus connect in a more meaningful way.

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