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I’m not just writing about this gadget because it happens to share my name and along with it a fine heritage of great naming for great stuff, honest.

First, Toby jugs in England, quirky mugs with character in look and feel.

Then, the Tobi Steamer, a remarkable alternative to the tedious task of ironing clothes.

Now finally, the Tobii S32, a device for recording speech and playing it back by pressing buttons with appropriate labels.

I’ll admit, I’m a little baffled by it. I see several obvious uses as either toys or educational devices for kids, or accessibility aids for deaf or mute people, but the actual intended use seems to be absent from the press release.

The device comes with templates so users can print their own image sheets, and seems sturdy and well made.

Anyone got an idea for uses other than the ones I mention above?

What do you think?

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