Tobii Technology’s new smartglasses track exactly where you’re looking

The analysis division of Tobii Technology, a leader in eye-tracking research solutions, has launched Tobii Glasses 2, and claims it is the lightest and most advanced wearable eye-tracking research system in the world. Based on a new, proprietary, wearable eye-tracking platform from Tobii that will support research and consumer applications, Tobii Glasses 2 are claimed to offer unprecedented functionality including wireless live viewing and open up new opportunities for human behavior research and discoveries in real-world environments.

Your devices already track your location and communication — why not what you’re looking at, too? That’s the promise of the Tobii Glasses 2, a pair of high-tech glasses that can track your eyes. Why would you ever want to do such a thing? You probably wouldn’t, but researchers of visual systems are clamoring for that kind of information — what, for instance, a person spends the most time looking at when they’re watching TV while holding a tablet. The glasses are designed primarily for those kinds of scenarios: research projects, testing rooms and simulators — where the thing being looked at isn’t just a computer or tablet screen, which would be better served by non-wearable eye tracking like Tobii’s EyeX. If you want to study what part of a person’s face people look at in various social situations, for example, the Tobii Glasses 2 can tell you.

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