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Today’s top tech talking points: Facebook ads, summer travel, abused bus monitors, ousted Acer CEO

Bus Monitor

We’re trying out a new feature on TECHi: today’s top tech talking points. If it works out, we’ll be doing it daily on the site and on Facebook.

Are off-Facebook ads a threat to Google? Facebook ads were found on Zynga today. ReadWriteWeb notes that Facebook knows who we are while Google knows what we’re trying to find. Which is more important to advertisers and consumers? Will we soon see Facebook ads that compete with Google Adwords? Weigh in on Facebook.

Is half-a-million too much for an abused bus monitor? The bus monitor who was verbally abused by kids on her bus has been the center of over half a million dollars in donations since the video went viral. Is it overkill or does she deserve every penny and then some? Weigh in on Facebook.

Get fired, take $42.9 million for their troubles. Ousted Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci received a pretty hefty severance when he was released last March. With that much money for getting fired, why do CEOs at large tech companies even keep working? Weigh in on Facebook.

Are you technologically ready for a summer vacation? This exclusive infographic came to us through HighTable and shows some of the essential apps that can help make the yearly summer vacation ritual more convenient. Are you ready? Weigh in on Facebook.

Please let us know here or on Facebook what you think of this new type of daily content on TECHi.

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