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Tombstone QR Codes: Bringing the memorial to the mobile device

Tombstone QR Code

Tombstone QR Code

Technology has been integrated into paying tribute to lost loved ones for some time now at funerals and on memorial websites, but Israeli medical technology executive Yoav Medan has brought technology to the final place of rest for his mother by adding a QR Code to her gravestone.

QR Code on Tombstone“I was most concerned about 20 or 40 years from now, how will she be remembered … [I wanted to put] what’s in our memory into a place that doesn’t forget,” he said.

Scanning the QR Code with a mobile device takes visitors to a website where he plans to grow with stories and images of his mother’s life. It was engraved by laser and filled with black paste intended to continue to work over time fighting erosion. “The guy who built the tombstone, he wants to make a business out of it,” he said.

To the right, you can scan the QR code that appears on Medan’s mother’s grave.

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