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TomTom Says ‘May The 4th Be With You’

darth vader face

We’re really liking TomTom’s new daft idea: the Darth Vader navigation pack for TomTom!

Narrated (as you can see in the video) by the man who provided the voice for Darth Vader, TomTom’s kit gives you the directions you need, all made a little more interesting by his iconic heavy breathing and slightly threatening tone.

Better yet, the voice commands are inspired by lines from the original films, Vader may tell you, “Bear left, to the Dark Side,” for example.

You also get Star Wars wallpaper, music and sound-effects from the films including the sound of light sabres and TIE fighters along with John Williams’ Imperial March.

This splendid slice of silliness is available to download now. We love it.

Via: Electric Pig

darth vader face

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