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Too Cheap to Buy an iPad? Join the Club and Get a PixelPad!

Want an iPad but don’t have the $499+ to spend on one? Don’t worry if you don’t because I certainly can’t afford one. For all of us less-than-rich folks, we might be able to enjoy something similar.. at a significantly lower price.

The PixelPad is a new product being offered at a much lower price compared to the iPad. People won’t have to break the bank because of their need for shiny, new electronics. Instead, designers and developers can purchase this handy tool in packages starting at $24.00, 49.00 and $99.00. All include at least 1 pad, 1 refill, 1 Sharpie marker and a few other pens ready for sketching.

The PixelPad is made entirely from paper and requires no batteries or electricity so they’re ready to go straight out of the box.

Depending on the package you purchase, each PixelPad comes with at minimum of 64 double-sided sheets. On the back side of every sheet there are 4 App Icon Thumbnails that match the exact 72″x72″ dimensions of the iPad’s on-screen icons. They’re perfect for designing and developing new Apps – if you are the only user and don’t know how to program, that is…

PixelPads are made with heavy paperboard backs so that sketching can be done on a hard surface, at whatever time you feel inspired. Worried about the environment or being green? The PixelPad uses only vegetable-based inks and 100% post consumer recycled paper.

Jot down ideas or simple doodles or even grocery & to-do lists, and watch people launch themselves towards you to stop you from writing on what they think is your iPad. PixelPads are fun, cheap and completely portable with no complaints about sparse WiFi coverage or the lack of a video camera.

[Source: PixelPad]

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