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Top 5 Car Apps

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1. Gas Buddy

Having pay loads of cash for gas is one the most prominent complaints on the minds of Americans right now. Wouldn’t it be nice to know where to buy the cheapest gas at all times? The app Gas Buddy locates the cheapest gas stations in a user’s area for convenience. Not only does this app show people how they can save money, but it’s free as well. It is available for Android, Balckberry, iPhone, and Windows Phone 7.

2. Kelly Blue Book

People that feel overwhelmed when going to a car lot to purchase a new or used car should keep the Kelly Blue Book app handy. It is a perfect guide for examining the year, mileage, make, model, and features to churn out a calculated value of a vehicle. Once again, this app is free. It is available for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone 7.

3. Edmunds

This research app pulls up photos, reviews, and data so that a user can get a comprehensive look at the car they want to buy. While researching a car, the app can also locate dealerships that has the researched vehicle in stock. When the user is approached by a salesman, the Edmunds’ proprietary True Market Value number, or the average selling price for a model in a specific area, can be a great help. This app is also free. It is available for Android, iPhone, and the iPad.

4. Repairpal

An app that records repair history and creates a checklist for future maintenance. If a user is visiting a shop, they can gauge local prices for 100 different types of repairs. Reviews have customers noting how they have saved hundred from this apps’ features. Also, if the user is in trouble, the app provides its roadside assistance network. The network allows the user to select between emergency towing, fixing a dead battery, working on a emergency fuel delivery, a flat tire change, or lockout assistance. This app is once again free. It can be used on the iPhone or Android.

5. iWrecked

After being shaken up after an accident, it is nice to know something can help a person out during this traumatic experience. iWrecked guides the user to do the necessary legal steps after being in an accident: taking note of the time and place of the accident, and checking out the other driver’s auto insurance information. When the user takes pictures of the damage that has ensued, the app allows the photo to be exported to PDF. If the user feels that they cannot travel home properly, iWrecked suggests specific taxis and tow-trucks. The app is completely free. It can be used on Android and the iPhone.

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