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Top gaming platforms brought down by major DDoS attacks

A hacker group going by the handle DERP Trolling has taken responsibility for the recent DDoS attacks that took down the servers of top gaming platforms: Steam, Origin,, and League of Legends. The group claims to have used an “Ion Cannon” DDoS tool that it called the  “Gaben Laser Beam,” after the founder of Valve.

The servers for Steam, Origin,, and League of Legends were brought down temporarily overnight by apparent DDoS attacks that seem to be related to a swatting attack on an individual known for streaming games. All of those services appear to be working normally as of this writing. A hacker group going by the handle DERP Trolling claimed responsibility for the Origin attack on Twitter, saying it used a “Ion Cannon” DDoS tool it’s calling the “Gaben Laser Beam,” after Valve founder Gabe Newell. DERP claimed responsibility for similar attacks on, League of Legends, World of Tanks,, and more earlier this week. Meanwhile, a pair of Twitter users areclaiming responsibility for last night’s attack on Steam.

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