Toshiba Jumping on the Bandwagon, Releasing Tablets


toshiba journe touch

Toshiba is working quickly to launch their new line of tablet computers that will hopefully be available in North America later this year. If the model isn’t ready by the end of the year, the tablet is expected in early 2011.

According to a report by Reuters, the tablets will offer Windows 7 and Android. The Windows 7 model is rumored to include higher-end features but the Android model is closer in similarity to the Apple iPad, which has been hugely popular since it’s release.

The tablet is expected to feature a 10 inch screen and each model will range in cost – prices are unknown as of yet.

“We definitely see a place for the slate, we see there’s a market there,” said Jeff Barney. “It’ll be expansive like netbooks, it won’t be cannibalistic.” Barney is the general manager of Toshiba digital productions for the US.

[Source: Electronista]
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