Touching “Magic Arms” video shows some of the potential of 3D printers


Emma's Magic Arms

We’ve seen some of the amazing things that 3D printers can do, but most of them are more for folly and enjoyment rather than practical use. The future of 3D printers is bright, but today they’re good for launching Stephen Colbert’s head into space and not a lot more. Or are they?

There have been other examples of how 3D printing technology can be used for practical purposes, but the video below is the most touching and truly amazing use that we’ve seen so far. In it, young Emma was born with arthrogryposis, a disability that would have made it impossible for her to move her arms. Thanks to a combination of technologies and the ease through which parts can be replicated by 3D printing, her future is much better now than had she been born with the ailment decades ago.

Have tissues ready before watching this short video.

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