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Toyota reveals more info on the hydrogen-powered FCV

The hydrogen-powered car is back, and this one is wearing a Toyota badge. After its initial debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in November, the hydrogen fuel cell-powered Toyota FCV made its first U.S. appearance at CES 2014. Along with the car, Toyota brought news about the nation’s nascent hydrogen infrastructure.

Back in November, Toyota gave us a sneak peel at its newest fuel cell vehicle (FCV) prototype. At CES 2014, the Japanese automaker revealed a whole lot more info, including a better look at that swanky new blue body. The Toyota FCV has been in development since 1996, when it was called the FCEV. Since then, Toyota’s other green machine, the Prius, has been racking up all of the automaker’s environmental headlines. But now it appears the FCV is preparing to step off the design sheets and into reality. By 2015, Toyota plans to have their hydrogen-powered, water-emitting wonder car on the road.

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