Toyota’s Camatte concept car allows your kids to customize your hood

If you complained about your family’s drab-looking car when you were a kid, you’re going to love the latest incarnation of Toyota’s Camatte concept. The vehicle lets children customize the look by translating their drawings to nearly 7,000 LED lights on the hood; you could change styles at a moment’s notice without having to swap panels or break out some paint. There’s no word on the possibility of this technology reaching production models, although we wouldn’t count on it in the near future. Even if higher energy consumption isn’t a factor, a light-up hood could get quite expensive. Still, Camatte raises hope that cars will one day be as unique as their drivers.

Toyota plans to follow up last year’s kid-friendly Camatte concept with two new versions: the Camatte57s and Camatte57s Sport (right). Like the original Camatte, the two new concepts will make their debut at the International Tokyo Toy Show, which is happening this weekend. Not much has changed with these two new Camatte models. Like their predecessor, they both feature detachable body panels (the count is up to 57), a 1+2 seating array and reconfigurable pedals that allow children to operate the gas and brakes while Mom or Dad steers. What is new is an open-top roadster design that even eschews doors in favor of easier ingress/egress. They look like something a tourist would rent to get around a Hawaiian island, though we dig the distinct personalities of each model’s design. Both cars are all-electric, though Toyota hasn’t provided any other specifications, like what makes the Sport model sporty besides its more aggressive body panels and silver, black and red color scheme. That’s just as well, as neither concept, like the original Camatte before them, is street legal.

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