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We really aren’t kidding when we say that Google is our go-to guide to teach us what we need to know, to show us how to spell and to accumulate data for any type of research. This search engine is most certainly an advanced modernized version of what we once knew as  encyclopedias, instead now we are provided further information faster and more accurately through Google. Even finding out where the influenza virus is hitting most hard and helping ourselves from becoming its latest victim this year.

The flu is a body battle that gives you a few hard punches and knocks you out, as you are well aware of how this virus invades our lives on a yearly basis and even with flu shots available, we are not immune from it, however we can become more vigilant about its intensity and aid our bodies with various medicinal and natural resources that can help fight off the virus or perhaps contain it so you can still be functional.

Google Flu Trends collects data from its search terms to accumulate graphs to show where the influenza bug is hosting itself. You simply choose which country from the drop down and graphs will appear with colors that will show how bad the flu is within your State/Province. Currently Google Flu Trends is experimenting with pin pointing cities so you can remain informed of how you can not only keep yourself knowledgeable about the most popular bug in your own backyard but providing the opportunity to start taking your vitamins or even an extra incentive to wash your hands a little more often.


You are also able to compare previous years and see if the flu has worsened or strengthened in any way and where else in the world the flu has made a home for itself. No time is a good time to get sick but knowing more about Flu Trends (especially if you travel a lot) can help you not only protect yourself but young kids and the elderly since it can affect them the worst.

Relevant side note: I wrote this while suffering from the flu and wish I had used this prior to today.

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