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TravelByDrone is like YouTube for drone footage

Drones are spreading like wildfire across the globe, and people are recording incredible footage of everything from cityscapes to countrysides. To answer the demand, TravelByDrone launched to become something akin to a YouTube for great drone video. The team at TravelByDrone sifts through submissions from its users, and, depending on their quality, pins them on Google Maps according to location. The tool really illustrates how many people are using drones to film their work, even in places as remote as eastern Siberia.

They’ve been used for everything ranging fromawesome surfing videos to birds-eye views of the Big Apple. Heck, even Facebook’s building them. Drones are very much the in thing, and with a camera planted firmly atop, you can capture some pretty amazing footage. With that in mind, TravelByDrone [as reported on Skift] is serving a growing demand for these videos, letting anyone share existing drone-recorded YouTube skits, alongside their corresponding location. A team curates the submissions to ensure everything’s legitimate, after which it’s pinned on a map for everyone to enjoy. You can scroll the world over, or search by a specific location – it’s a really quite brilliant resource.

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