Treadmill Bike Sounds Like Drunken Idea But Is Totally Real


Imagine it: two fitness buffs take a break from their rigorous exercise regime to get totally blitzed. Six drinks in, one of them suddenly sits bolt upright and says: “you know what would be awesome? A bike that was a treadmill!”

K, that’s probably not how this treadmill bike came about. But still, you gotta’ wonder… Of course, the idea is actually much less crazy than it sounds. By putting an inclined treadmill on what is basically a large scooter, you get the workout and resistance of an uphill run without having to be cooped up indoors – and you can get where you need to go to boot.

And really, who wants to put up with the hassle of being surrounded by fit, attractive people at your local gym if you could be outside being laughed at by the strangers who saw you on this thing? Exactly.

Alas, those willing to brave ridicule for fitness will also have to have deep pockets: it sells for $2500 Canadian.

[Source: Treehugger]
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