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Worldwide Developers Conference

I don’t know about anyone else, but I think Apple has a huge “underground” stronghold on social media – and they don’t pay a damn thing for it.

Apple for some reason or another has an unparalleled ever surrounding hype about itself that just attracts everyone in the technology era. Especially now with the Worldwide Developers Conference coming up the second week in June, I am seeing an increasingly steady trend of Apple product rumors.

As a social media marketer, it is unbelievable to me that Apple is able to have users do it on their own for them. That is part of why Apple is as successful as it is. How often do you hear about Microsoft and their new products? The only new thing I have heard about recently is their new Windows mobile phone. I think they are having a tough time keeping up with Apple – mainly because of social media.

Constantly in my Twitter feed are comments and posts about Apple rumors and guesses about what is to be unveiled and the conference and even who will be speaking and what particularly about. It is amazing that they can make the money they do when people do their own marketing for them.

Have you ever visited Apple’s Facebook page? Maybe – but there is not one bit of content on their besides a photo. They have 6.5 million followers and they do not engage them because they don’t have to. People do it for free, for Apple and they don’t realize it.

So is it luck? Did Apple just fall into this and say, “Booya! Let’s leave it alone!”? They knew it was going to happen. They market themselves so that people are engaged everywhere at the same time without having to do any work.

It is my opinion that Apple has mastered the art of marketing and has no need for social media marketing. It is an unbelievable feet of achievement and should not go unrecognized.

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