TubeMogul is about to go public for $11 to $13 per share

TubeMogul has again updated its S-1 filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, per Amendment No. 3 to TubeMogul’s Form S-1. The updated S-1 notes that the public offering price of TubeMogul is expected to be between $11 and $13 per share. The number of common shares available, but not necessarily the number of shares that will be sold to the public, has also been revealed: 6,250,000. If TubeMogul were to sell all 6.25 million shares at about $12 per share, that would equate to $75 million raised, which is what the company was aiming for when it filed to go public back in March.

When TubeMogul first filed to go public, it indicated that it would offer up to $75 million of its shares for sale. That figure was soft. Today, TubeMogul decided on a price range for its shares — $11 to $13 per unit — meaning that it could sell up to $93.4 million of its stock in the flotation. The company’s revenue has grown quickly, as had its losses until recently. It recorded a $7.4 million loss in 2013, the highest of its three reported year-long periods. However, in the first quarter of 2014, the company’s revenue — $22.02 million, up from $9.58 million in the year-ago quarter — came attached to a slim $767,000 loss, down from $1.90 million the year before. So, quick revenue growth and falling losses? In today’s market that could very well be a palatable combination. We’ve seen a decent string of recent IPOs, with Arista Networks, MobileIron, and GoPro all performing well when entering the public markets. With profitability just out of its reach, TubeMogul may benefit from the lift those successful offerings might provide. As TechCrunch previously noted, the company had strong gross margins — we called them “SaaS-like” — of 66 percent in 2013. The company has raised $53.2 million to date, making its offering interesting. It isn’t uncommon now to see companies going public, raising a fraction of their previously raised capital in the process.

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