Turn your smartphone into a 3D camera with the LazeeEye


Imagine you’re trying to figure out the measurements of a friend because you want to surprise them with a tailored suit, shirt, dress, and so on. Sure, you can always comb through the cupboard and use those measurements, but what if you wanted to do so without arousing suspicion? Well that’s where the LazeeEye comes in. The LazeeEye is a Kickstarter project that basically a hardware attachment for your smartphone camera that gives it the ability to capture images in 3D. This comes in handy when you’re trying to take the measurements for something, such as for interior design, clothing, construction, remodelling, and etc.

Do you want to add a cool new feature to your Android smartphone? Why not make it into a 3D camera? Just attach a hardware ad-on called LazeeEye and you’ll be able to capture 3D images in no time at all. This device which is conceptualized by Massachusetts-based tech consultancy Heuristic Labs allows users to take and manipulate 3D images. What are the common uses of having LazeeEye? Most of the cameras today only capture a 2D image which means that the depth information is missing. A 3D-enabled camera allows the depth information to be captured which can be quite useful in certain situations. LazeeEye is basically a cheaper alternative to getting a dedicated 3D camera. This is simple because the device will be using the processing power of your Android device in creating the 3D images. It mainly consists of laser illuminator hardware add-on plus a stereo vision processing app.


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