Twitter and Billboard have teamed up to create a real-time music chart

Billboard and Twitter have launched a new interactive chart – the Billboard Trending 140 – that ranks shared songs in the U.S. by analyzing the fastest-moving tracks, in terms of the acceleration of shares via tweet, over the past hour. The result is a real-time presentation of the most-shared tracks in the country. Billboard plans to share weekly summaries of the new chart’s findings in the form of a ” Billboard Twitter Top Tracks” chart, via both the magazine’s website and print publication.

Today, Billboard and Twitter officially launch the Billboard Twitter Real-Time Charts. These new, interactive charts redefine how fans interact with, and influence, popular content by ranking the most popular songs being shared on Twitter in the U.S. The first of the real-time charts, the Billboard Trending 140, is an up to the minute ranking of songs shared in the U.S., measured by acceleration over the past hour. This chart can be filtered to present a real-time view of the most shared track in the U.S. over the past 24 hours, with a weekly summary presented as the Billboard Twitter Top Tracks chart on and in print in Billboard. The Billboard Twitter Emerging Artists chart is a ranking of the most shared songs on Twitter in the U.S. by up-and-coming artists ranked by the number of times each song was shared over the past 24 hours. Billboard Twitter Emerging Artists is presented as a seven-day/weekly round up on and in print in Billboard.

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