Twitter has become the Dark Defender


Twitter has become the Dark Defender

It seemed to me that Twitter was the quiet social network of the bunch, never openly in hot water like Facebook or causing chatters about its ability to be social like G+. They were much like the kid who sat in the back of the class letting everyone else do all the talking (perhaps this should have been a sign).

Suddenly, it looks like Twitter is much like the TV Show character Dexter, killing off attributions and developers dreams within the night. Normally, they have been very open prior to making this decision with their API and allowing other sites to connect to and from Twitter, they even have sponsored tweets (annoying) but still enabling promotion.

Then much like the dark defender rising, its nice normal persona has switched into an unpredictable character that has surprised many and disappointed its users even more. We would expect this trait from other social sites, but Twitter?

The little cute small chirping bird is now much like a soaring hawk, swooping up its prey. There doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason for the poor choices Twitter has been making these days besides showing a darker side.

This is another lesson for social sites to learn from; that closing your doors is not the greatest forms of being social and the best way to get your own self killed off from your own show.

So I ask you Twitter… Y U be so anti-social?


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