Twitter is now allowing users to embed tweets within their tweets

If you think retweeting’s so 2013, then you may want to update your Twitter app now. As The Next Web notes, the latest version gives you the option to embed tweets in your tweets, so long as you’re using either an iOS or an Android device. Take note, though, that embedding’s a bit more troublesome than straight out retweeting. You’ll have to copy the link to someone’s tweet and then paste it into your Twitter app’s text box. Also, you’ll have to click and view each tweet individually to see the embedded boxes. They show up as ordinary links on the timeline, and your followers won’t even see them as embeds on the web interface.

In what looks like an effort to clean up how tweets appear in your timeline, Twitter for iOS and Android both actually embed tweets that have been linked in a tweet. To embed a tweet in a tweet, just drop the link of the update’s URL in the tweet you’re composing. When the tweet goes live, instead of an ugly URL link, the linked tweet is displayed in its entirety. Before we unleash a bevy of Inception-related jokes, we’re reached out to Twitter to see if this is a new feature or something they are testing. The social network regularly tests new features with select users. This could be the company’s attempt at redesigning retweets. Instead of your followers seeing a tweet from a stranger or you having to manually retweet something by adding RT to it, you could link to a tweet while still throwing in your 140-character opinion about said tweet.


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