Twitter is opening a learning center in San Francisco


Twitter has moved a one step closer toward opening a $1 million learning center where company employees will teach tech skills to some of the city’s poorest residents. They’ve got a location now for what’s being dubbed The NeighborNest. It’s right across the street from Twitter HQ at the Essex Fox Plaza, 1390 Market Street. And they’ve got a projected opening date: Sometime next summer.

Twitter, the microblogging giant whose headquarters sit on a section of San Francisco’s Market Street that’s not exactly fancy, is set to open a learning center for the homeless next summer. The learning center, which the company announced in partnership with Compass Family Services last May, will be located across the street from Twitter, at Essex Fox Plaza, 1390 Market Street, and will open next summer, according to a San Francisco Chronicle report. The company is investing $1 million into it. The Twitter NeighborNest will be a place where Twitter employees will be able to volunteer their time to help teach tech and career skills to the homeless. It will also be a place where children will have space to play and learn while their parents are getting valuable education and help.

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