Twitter is removing the 140-character limit for Direct Messages


With the same 140-character limit that tweets have, Twitter’s Direct Messages feature has always felt more like an afterthought than an actual messaging service. That’s going to change here soon, however, as the company will be removing the 140-character limit for Direct Messages (but not tweets) in the near future, although what the limit will be raised to is currently unknown. 

Twitter’s 140-character limit is likely what has taken the popular social network to the top. These short posts are great for expressing your thoughts promptly and sharing web content effectively. There’s no crazy 1000-word rants on Twitter, and that is what makes it such a good place to spend your precious time on. Would’t you agree that their messaging service is a bit broken, though? It’s hard to have a conversation via Direct Messages, knowing you will hit a limit and need to start a new DM. This is why most of us switch to other messaging services when we want to discuss anything, even if it may be something we saw on Twitter. This will no longer be an issue, as the popular social network aims to keep its users around more by removing that 140-character limit on DMs. I am not sure if this means DMs can now contain unlimited characters (which could probably also be bad). Twitter is not crystal clear about this part yet, but nothing is pointing toward a higher character limit either. What we do know is these changes will come into effect starting July, which is coming very soon.

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