Twitter is testing in-browser notifications feature

Twitter notifications may soon find their way into your web browser. The micro-blogging service is currently beta testing the notifications feature. According to Twitter the new feature allows users to “receive notifications in your web browser.” The Twitter web notifications feature was first spotted by Michel Wester at Websonic. Wester logged into one of his Twitter test accounts where he discovered the “currently-disabled” feature in the accounts settings section. The tab quickly disappeared from his account, but not before he snapped a screenshot.

Twitter is no stranger to trying out new features on its social networking platform. Yesterday it announced it is in the process of testing and rolling out no fewer than 15 different ad units, at least some of which are already popping up for users. Today comes news of a feature that focuses Twitter on the desktop experience: web notifications. In Twitter’s words, the feature will let you “receive notifications in your web browser.” The feature was noticed by a user in Holland, Michel Wester, who says it popped up on a test account he uses. It first appeared not as an active feature, but as a (currently disabled) option in the settings on the account. He says that while the tab with the option disappeared earlier today, the URL for the feature still works for him in Chrome and Firefox, but not other browsers. (It’s unlikely to work for you unless you’re in Twitter’s test set, I suspect.) Above is the screenshot he provided us showing how Twitter’s feature looks right now in an English-language browser.

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