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Twitters website now supports emoji icons

There’s a good chance that some of your smartphone-toting friends use emoji to express themselves on Twitter — wouldn’t it be nice to see those icons while you’re surfing the web? As of today, you can. Twitter has updated its web client to display emoji, giving you all the colorful characters that you’d expect while browsing mobile apps. The update won’t make it any easier to decipher the meaning of an emoji-laden tweet, but you’ll have at least some semblance of what’s going on.

Sometimes it’s the small things in life that make a difference. Along those lines, Twitter has begun showing emoji characters — the small, cartoon-like figures most often used when typing on a mobile device — on its main website. That’s a nice little development for those of us who use Twitter on the Web on a regular basis. One small thing though. It appears that emojis aren’t supported in tweets that are embedded on websites. Could this mean that Twitter one day offers stickers like every messaging app under the sun? We think not, but with Twitter’s tinkering now extending to an experiment that replaces its iconic retweet with a ‘share’ button, anything is possible.

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