Two mobile games that will make you smarter


Two mobile games that will make you smarter

We all have played the memory game growing up, you know, the card game where you have to flip to find the matching one. There have been many versions of this game based on memory and in fact even Nintendo has incorporated it in their Brain Age editions that will show your true brain age by doing various skillful short games.

Keeping your memory sharp has been proven to actually make you smarter according to a study done by Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences repetition improves your IQ and actually makes you smarter by simply doing brain exercises.

Though it is scientifically proven, doesn’t mean that it has to be boring, there are lots of games we play that are exercises for the brain and perhaps we are unaware of it.

There are many mobile games that could offer you to utilize the formula that will make you smarter; however, here are two games that are fun and free that play on your memory.


How ironic to create a word game that is spelled incorrectly, simply silly if you ask me, but if you are a gamer who loves word games like Boggle or ones that scramble the words before your timed session runs out, you will thoroughly enjoy this game. Wordzup is by far the best free word game there is and keeps annoying ads out of your playing view.

You are able to challenge people you know or play solo, so how does this game make you smarter? Not only will you learn new words, it will improve your spelling and it plays on the memory factor since you need to recall many of the same words as they appear in other games, therefore remembering the words you have never seen before is now what you will need to keep to memory in order to win the game.


This game is very addicting and social, not only can you play with friends on Facebook; you can choose to add a username or randomly play with others who enjoy the game. The challenge is to choose a music genre and listen to the song that plays to guess the correct answer in a multiple choice fashion. The faster you guess the more points you earn and it even has a rewarding system.

Trying to tap into memories of songs from the 80’s or artists from the 90’s can give your brain a true workout.

Ultimately, playing games that work on your memory can indeed make you smarter and becoming smarter can be fun and entertaining too, just like with these two games, now all you have to do is remember to add them to your phone.

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