Two new Nokia phones rumored to be released on April 2nd

When Microsoft finally takes over Nokia’s ailing phone business in the coming weeks, it’s going to have a slew of new smartphones to account for. Beyond the many recent announcements out of Nokia — including a handful of Android phones that launched recently — it looks like at least two more Nokia smartphones will debut in less than two weeks. My Nokia Blog on Thursday reported that two brand new Nokia phones will debut on April 2nd.

The latest rumor, apparently coming from reliable sources, is saying we will indeed see new hardware introduced by Nokia at the Microsoft Build developer conference in two weeks’ time. Two devices in particular, which we are still learning about, will be presented. The first is the Nokia Lumia 630, codenamed, “Moneypenny.” This is a more accessible handset with a 4.5-inch screen and virtual navigation buttons. The screen will probably have a resolution in the WVGA range, 480×800 pixels. It is thought that the Lumia 630 will have single-SIM and dual-SIM variants. Assuming that it will be a successor to the Lumia 620, the price of this new phone should be fairly easy to handle for most markets. The Nokia Lumia 930, codenamed, “Martini,” is a bit more of a mystery. As yet, no renderings have leaked but there is conjecture that this will be a close relative to the Lumia Icon, built for wider distribution around the world and with a different physical appearance.

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