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Uber and Tesla are partnering up in Shanghai

With all the attention surrounding Tesla in China, Uber is getting involved to expand how many people will get a taste of Tesla there. The Experience Telsa campaign will take place next Wednesday, June 18, in Shanghai, giving Uber users a chance to ride in a Tesla Model S. Even more enticing for potential passengers is that users who manage to book a Tesla will get to ride for free. Furthermore, if you have a valid driving license, you’ll also be allowed to test drive your Model S. There’s only one caveat — Uber’s asking customers to limit trips to around 15 minutes, so others will get a chance to try out a Tesla. “The Uber collaboration is only a pilot test at the moment,” said a Tesla spokesperson. “We are providing test drive experience to potential customers in Shanghai through Uber. The test drive carsare provided by Tesla.”

Tesla is about to get a head start in China, thanks to Uber. Uber customers in Shanghai will get a 15-minute test drive in one of the luxury electric cars on June 18. Using Uber’s app, customers with a valid driver’s license can select a Tesla Model S to navigate around Shanghai with up to two other passengers. Uber’s website hinted at a few “super-secret Teslas” that will be available at the event, but representatives did not return a request for further details. Uber announced the promotion in a blog post. The first Teslas arrived in China two months ago amid fanfare and several complaints, Shanghai Daily reported, when some of the cars were delayed due to complications with building charging stations in smaller cities. Disgruntled purchasers protested in Beijing, eliciting an apology from Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Uber itself has been under fire recently for not having to abide by the same rules as traditional taxis. Cab drivers all over Europe have been demonstrating against Uber on the grounds that it should have to be held to the same taxi standards in order to be a fair competitor. Neither Uber nor Tesla responded to a request for comment.

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