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Ultimate geek gifts: 3D steampunk robot magnets

Steampunk Robot Magnets

Steampunk Robot Magnets

Every now and then you come across something that’s, well, different. It’s hard in today’s world where so many products are simply variations of others. Creativity seems to be dying with the compact disc.

The “different” that popped up was these geekaliciously epic 3D Steampunk Robot Magnets. Steampunk is getting old and robots are so yesterday, but there’s something about these little contraptions that screamed at me. I haven’t bought any yet – hard to swallow at $15 a pop – but by golly there’s a yearning that will need to be quenched.


3D Steampunk Robot Magnets

More 3D Steampunk Robot Magnets

Even More 3D Steampunk Robot Magnets

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