Understanding the science of intelligence



There is a combination of genetics, aptitude, effort, and other outside forces at play when determining the intelligence level of a human. Some people are naturally intelligent and pick up certain types of knowledge more quickly than others. There are those who start off behind the curve but work their way to higher levels.

Smart people have been trying to understand what makes people smart for centuries. Some would say that it’s more important to find the gifts that we’re given naturally and apply them to a new paradigm of understanding intelligence. It’s this type of thought that may be necessary for the species to survive.

Below are two complementary views on the issue. One is the most watched TEDtalk of all time. The other is an infographic about the science of intelligence. Take some time and explore both thoroughly. It’s the smart thing to do.

The Science of Smart

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Infographic via bestcollegereviews.org.


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