Using Facebook to find deals on coffee might help you live longer


Coffee Cup and Beans

In the news, there was a recent study providing evidence that drinking coffee may help you live longer. The study was carried out by the National Institutes of Health and AARP. However, researchers urge you to remember that this doesn’t necessarily prove that coffee makes people live longer; it just shows that coffee and living longer are related. Even so, this contradicts earlier studies that had said coffee can increase risks of heart disease.

This study included 400,000 individuals, making it the largest study ever done on this issue, so the results should be reassuring for those of you who enjoy drinking coffee. The results of the study are as follows: men who drank 2 or 3 cups of coffee per day were 10% less likely to die at any age and for women it was 13%. Even having 1 cup of coffee per day lowered your risk of dying at any age. The strongest effect was a 16% lower risk of death which occurred in women who drank 4 or 5 cups of coffee per day.

So, how can you use this information to better your health? Well, if you’re not already an avid coffee drinker, take a look on Facebook to find a coffee shop near you. This social media outlet isn’t just for communicating with friends. Some of the big chains of coffee shops like Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks have a Facebook page that they update with special offers. You might even find some random deals and discounts if you become a fan of these pages.

One great deal that is always advertised on Facebook is Starbucks’ half priced Frappuccino happy hour. This is a week that recently passed and all the Starbuck coffee shops offer half priced Frappuccinos from 3pm to 5pm. Also, once per year, Dunkin Donuts has its free iced coffee day and you will often find reminders of this day on Facebook.

Now that we know coffee can help you live longer, it’s time to use technology to make the most of this opportunity. Use Facebook to find a coffee shop near you and score the best deals. Maybe you’ll find yourself living longer and healthier!

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