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Valve will be revealing its own virtual reality prototype in January

Valve has scheduled two sessions during its Developer Days conference that involve virtual reality. The descriptions reveal that valve is designing its own affordable virtual reality prototype as well a virtual reality Steam overlay.

Back in March, Valve’s Joe Ludwig mentioned how important the company believes virtual reality tech is but ultimately left us hanging, unable to be more detailed without a firm plan on what it might eventually ship. Next year the blanks will be filled in, as Valve has scheduled two very relevant sessions during its Developer Days conference: What VR Could, Should, and Almost Certainly Will Be within Two Years, and Virtual Reality and Steam. Better yet, the descriptions reveal that it will have a prototype of what stunning experience it thinks “affordable” VR hardware will be capable of soon, and the software it’s working on including “the Steam Overlay in VR, Steam store changes for VR, and our VR plan for Steamworks.”

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