Video is evolving


Videography used to be a highly specialized field that required special equipment and training.  It took multiple members of a team, each with highly specialized skills, to produce a video that people would actually want to watch.  Nowadays everyone with a smartphone is walking around with highly specialized camera equipment in their pockets, and they can easily produce videos that can reach millions of people on the internet.

Camcorders and flip cams are out and smartphone videos are in.  There’s just no need to have specialized equipment anymore when one device can do all the things you could possible need it to do.

YouTube stars make videos on a wide range of topics from makeup tutorials to video game tutorials.  Once your follower count is in the millions you can actually make a living from it.  Perhaps the most remarkable thing is you can download an app that will allow you to edit your videos right on your phone, so you can shoot, edit, upload, and watch videos right from the same device you use to call your grandma.

People are using their phones to combat boredom more than ever before, and many of them are watching streaming videos while they wait for a table in a restaurant or at the bus stop.  Learn more about how video is changing from this infographic!


Infographic courtesy of Switcher Studio

Featured image courtesy of Free Stock Photos

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