#Video: Steam controller demonstration makes other controllers look old


When Nintendo came out with the Wii controller and remote, it was a dramatic change from the way that gamers had grown accustomed to interacting with their characters. It had two parts, took motion into account, and was either loved or hated depending on whether the user was able to master it or not.

Steam Controller

Xbox and PlayStation controllers haven’t been much different from each other over the years. This might be one of the reasons that they’ve stayed successful. Valve unveiled a video demonstrating its Steam controller and one thing is clear: it’s different and yet the same.

The obvious change is the shift away from the keyboard and mouse that many PC gamers use. The change to look and feel more like a traditional controller seems to be easy to get used to, especially if players have used console controllers in the past.

The buzz is building. The excitement is strong. Will Valve be able to deliver on a console killer?

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