#Video: The Hollywood versus gaming industry generation gap


Is Hollywood too old to grasp what video games represent? As graphics improve and storylines become more complex, the nature of the gaming industry is becoming much more like Hollywood than the old school entertainers my want to believe.

Realistic Game Rendering

It isn’t just the graphics. In fact, according to David Cage, the graphics aren’t nearly as important as the interactivity of the entertainment platform. It’s clear that gaming has become huge on an individual basis; GTAV will make more money in a short period of time than any Hollywood blockbuster this year or next. While there’s still not as much money flowing through the industry as a whole, it’s not impossible to believe that we could see that shift in the near future.

Video games aren’t for everyone, but it’s very possible that those who are not into video games (including a good chunk of Hollywood’s elites) completely underestimate how the technology and robust storytelling are making the medium more than just a pastime. It’s becoming a huge portion of many peoples’ lives.

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