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Vinyl+ Gives You One More Reason To Be a DJ


Man, there is just some really neat tech flying around today. Seriously, it’s a Wednesday to remember. Not many Wednesdays are worth remembering, so be thankful.

Yeah, so the whole ‘throwing a projector onto a surface to interact with a physical object’ card has been totally played, but I’ve never seen it as mesmerizing as this. Dubbed ‘vinyl+’, artist Jonas Bohatsch has taken a regular turntable and jazzed it up with visual interactivity, allowing for a uniquely synaesthetic experience.

“The behaviour of the visuals projected will change depending on various variables,” Bohatsch explains. “When turning the record, objects will immediately start turning with the speed of the record or a force will be applied to objects with physical properties, having them slowly pick up speed. Colors of the record and objects will change depending of the speed the record is played back. Also the position of the needle will have an effect on how many objects are visible and the type of objects visible (eg. objects with physical properties, objects visible only when touching needle, size of objects, cuttable objects).”

Interestingly enough, this is not the first time I’ve mentioned a new musical technology application that is designed specifically as eye candy for the DJ himself. Hell, it’s not even the first time I’ve mentioned it this month. So my question is: why? Is DJing such a boring profession that you run the risk of falling asleep at the wheel (of steel)? Really? I think not. I mean, this is super rad awesome, don’t get me wrong, but you should share some of that rad awesome with the audience. Dawg.

What do you think?

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