Virgin Media has launched its full slate of Quad-Play bundles

Virgin Media launched the UK’s first ‘quad-play’ packages earlier this month, which wrap all of its mobile, landline, broadband and TV services up into neat, pay-monthly bundles. These were only available for existing customers to upgrade to initially, but right on schedule, new customers can now get in on the action, too. Furthermore, there are two additional “Big Bundles,” as they’re called, that complement the £35 per month Big Bang and £50 per month Big Kahuna packages Virgin announced previously.

We knew it was coming, but UK media and telecoms giant Virgin Media has launched its full slate of so-called ‘Quad-Play’ bundles, pulling together broadband, landline, TV and mobile SIMs into single subscription packages. The first two of these bundles, the ‘Big Kahuna’ and the ‘Big Bang’, had been made available to existing Virgin Media customers already. But now they are joined by the ‘Big Easy’, ‘Big Daddy’, and ‘Big Connection’, though the latter of these doesn’t actually include TV so this isn’t technically a Quad-Play bundle. At any rate, anyone can now sign up to these deals. Starting from £25/month for the Big Easy, the bundles go all the way up to ‘from £100′ which includes everything – Sky Sports, super-fast broadband, and unlimited landline calls. The actual final price will depend on your requirements from the mobile phone element – the more data, texts and minutes you need, the more it will cost.

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