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Volkswagen is embracing both Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto

As the automotive and technology industries continue to merge, Apple and Google have started to compete for dominance over the ever-growing connected car market. Both have been striking deals with some of the biggest automakers in the world to help further their expansion, and Volkswagen is one of them. However, rather than choose between the two, the German company has simply decided to partner with them both. 

Back in early 2014, Apple unveiled CarPlay which used to be known as “iOS in the Car”. It basically brings an aspect of iOS to the vehicle’s infotainment unit. Now Apple had announced several partners back then but Volkswagen was unfortunately not one of them at that time. We had heard reports that both companies were in talks and now it looks like it is true. Volkswagen has recently confirmed that they will be adding support for Apple’s CarPlay before the end of the year. The car manufacturer also confirmed that they will be adding support for Google’s Android Auto, thus giving drivers at least more than one platform to choose from. Both will debut alongside the company’s new infotainment system, the MIB II. According to Volkswagen’s press release, “When MirrorLink™ is introduced, two other interfaces will also be launched under the App-Connect label: CarPlay™ (Apple®) and Android Auto™ (Google®). Simultaneously, VW will also launch CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ in the European market.”

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