Vote for clarification and changes to Facebook’s data use policy

Explanation of Changes on Facebook

Facebook Ireland who is in charge of the interaction that happens between the U.S and Europe are making changes to the Data Use Policy on Facebook but not without your input. Recently, they allowed Facebook users to submit suggestions and ask questions (which is now closed) and have read and uncovered the biggest concerns for the majority who participated which led for them to revise their proposal since the request for language to be clearer was one of the major wishes.

The next process is allowing you to vote on the new data use policy through a third party app on Facebook and you can do so until December 10 at 12:00PM (PST) / December 10 at 8:00PM (GMT). As a stipulate if more than 30% of all active registered users vote, the results will be binding. If turnout is less than 30%, the vote will be advisory. Therefore you need to vote to make yours count.

You are able to read all the changes that are going to occur to the data use policy prior to voting and ensure that you clearly understand your part in the process.

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