Vuzix M2000AR first smartglasses to use waveguide optical technology

With the trend of wearable gadgets catching on, we’re bound to see some great products come out next year. These products will obviously depend upon breakthroughs in technology, and today Vuzix announced a major optical breakthrough that will radically improve glasses-based wearable devices. With the announcement of Vuzix M2000AR HMD, the company is showing off its new Waveguide optics engine developed in collaboration of Nokia. Waveguide enables smart eyewear technology to be fitted into standard glasses frames.

Vuzix has launched a new rival to Google’s Glass, the Vuzix M2000AR HMD, using new Waveguide optics built in partnership with Nokia. Targeted at industrial users, though likely to spawn a consumer version soon, the M2000AR has a 720p display integrated into its monocular lens along with a 1080p camera, integrated head tracking, and a choice of bright monochrome or slightly more subdued full-color screens. According to Vuzix, the hologram-based system it uses is lighter, less bulky, and produces better graphics than the optics regularly used in headsets like Glass.

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