Wake up to Star Wars LEGO alarm clocks


LEGO Star Wars Alarm Clock

We know you haven’t completely gone to the darkside, well, perhaps while you are awake but our imaginations can get the best of us in our sleep and that means that our internal clocks cannot always be trusted. That is why when our minds travel to a galaxy far away, we need something to bring us back into the light, or at least wake us up in time for work.

Star Wars LEGO alarm clocks can do just the trick as you travel through your dream space back into reality. These giant toys actually have use (ha! take that girlfriends of the world!). Ranging from 7”-9” tall, these movable alarm clocks can have Yoda showing standard time while Darth can display military time depending on your choosing. Mash the heads of your Star Wars LEGO and Darth will glow red in his display screen, Yoda orange and Storm Trooper will glow green.

Not only will you never be late again you can have toys that are working for you and not against you, even if you choose Vader.

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