We have the virtual reality headsets, all we need is games


Sony’s most recent virtual reality headset prototype is hardly a prototype at all. While the company is still making a few improvements before the final release, it could easily release the product in its current form. The biggest problem, as with all virtual reality gaming headsets at the moment, is that there simply aren’t any games to play aside from a handful of side projects that are more like interesting demos than anything of actual substance. 

Sony introduced a new prototype of its VR headset earlier this week, and while the company is going to take the next year to add a few improvements to the final consumer release, it could sell what it has now. Project Morpheus’s latest revision comes with a new screen, improved motion tracking, and a more comfortable design. All of that, combined with some other nifty new features, makes this version of the headset one of the best examples of virtual reality yet. It’s also still promising the easiest implementation of VR as well, as Sony bills it as being plug-and-play for anyone with a PlayStation 4. The consumer version launches in the first half of 2016, and I’m sure some of those inevitable improvements will make the final product even more impressive, but the biggest obstacle to launching a virtual-reality device on the market at this point is the software. And this is probably what’s holding Sony back from releasing Morpheus this year.

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