Western Digital unveils the new Black Squared Dual Drive

Western Digital has unveiled the new Black Squared Dual Drive which is designed to be a high-performance drive for those with single-bay devices. WD claims the drive is exactly what upgraders, DIY folks, and enthusiasts have been asking for.

Today WD is unveiling a slick 2.5″ hard drive it calls the WD Black Squared Dual Drive. Unlike previous 2.5″ drives which featured either a spinning hard drive or an SSD, or the two combined in a caching setup aka “hybrid drive,” this new model features two separate volumes that coexist peacefully in one chassis. It’s designed to be a high-performance drive for those with single-bay devices, such as a notebook, SFF rig, or AIO. If you fall into this category, and can squeeze your OS onto a 120GB volume, Christmas has indeed come early.



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