What can augmented reality do?

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a stem of virtual reality put in the hands of every person with a smartphone or tablet. This development brings mobile marketing to a whole new level for businesses.  What is Augmented Reality, and how can it work for you?

Traditional mobile marketing consists of SMS campaigns, mobile websites, QR Codes , Mobile Search Engine Optimization and Check-In site management. The Augmented Reality program consists of a live, direct or indirect feed of a real world environment using GPS, graphics, video and sound. One of the first forms of Augmented Reality came to us via Monday Night Football. You know the lines that appear on your television screen showing the first down? That’s Augmented Reality and not the fastest line painter in the world!

Sounds neat, right? How can it help your mobile marketing campaign? These programs allows brand to do something that used to only be available on a stationary level. With Augmented Reality companies can give the customer the opportunity to go somewhere they wouldn’t otherwise be able to – at least not at that present moment. It’s the chance to give life to an idea and to see something rather than hear about it.

Imagine a power sport brand or an automotive company that could show the customer the ride of a new vehicle rather than talk about how well it handles curves. As a retailer how would you like to import something beyond the realm of fashion into your mobile marketing message?

The New York Giants used Augmented Reality to treat their fans to some bling. Users were able to virtually try on the Super Bowl XLVI ring right from their smartphones or tablets.  In addition to Big Blue, many retail fashion stores are doing the very same thing. Some companies are using Augmented Reality for promotional contests as well including mobile scavenger hunts. Augmented Reality combines mobile, social and physical reality to take mobile marketing solutions to a whole new level. How could you use Augmented Reality?

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  1. I think this could really change the interactive experience between consumers and companies and/or be the stepping stone to the future of advertising and consumer relations.

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