What does Apple need to fix with iOS 9?


If the rumors are to be believed, Apple will be devoting its iOS 9 update almost entirely to bug fixes and stability rather than new features which is probably a good idea considering the bug-filled nightmare that was the iOS 8 launch. ZDNet has decided to put together a list of the biggest issues with iOS 8 that Apple should fix with its next major update. 

Apple’s iOS 9 software update is rumored to focus on stability improvements following the wave of criticism that hit Apple’s latest operating systems, iOS 8 and Yosemite. A recent report revealed that Apple’s latest mobile OS release isn’t as stable as Google’s, though Google’s Lollipop isn’t as widely used as iOS 8, of course. Now, ZDNet has put together a list of iOS 8 annoyances that Apple could consider fixing in order to further improve the overall iPhone and iPad experience. One of the most obvious “problems” with iOS is storage, especially when it comes to updating older devices to a new version. Apple could improve the way users can manage storage on their devices in iOS 9, and make it easier for them to free up space.

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