What is Part of the iOS 4.2 Update?

Screen shot 2010 11 24 at 4.31.16 PM

Screen shot 2010 11 24 at 4.31.16 PM

Here’s a short list of what you can expect in the new iOS update for iPads, iPod Touches, and iPods if you are planning on downloading and installing it this weekend.

Multitasking and Folders on iPad

This shouldn’t be too surprising, as we knew it would come.


Airprint enables you to print documents from your iPad or other iOS device without using any cables or drivers. The options for printing aren’t extremely detailed, just the range of what pages you want to print and the number of copies. Even though there were previously apps for this, this is still pretty cool.


Seems like Apple is trying to get some started with “air” before products instead of “i”. With Airplay, you can stream media from your iOS device to your Apple TV. Seems kinda obvious that this was made so that more people would purchase Apple TV instead of Google TV, but if you have an iOS device and Apple TV, this is a pretty nice addition.

Finding Your Lost iOS Device

This was originally part of a paid MobileMe subscription, but now you can find your lost device for free, if that device is an iPhone or iTouch 4, or iPad, with iOS 4. After setting it up, you can view the device on a map, send a message or play a sound to help you find where it is, set a passcode lock from your computer, or wipe all the data. Of course, after retrieving it, you can restore everything from your last backup.

Improved Mail

Now you can view all your Mail from one account in one big inbox, instead of switching to different inboxes. You can also open attachments in third-party apps.

Improved Safari

Finally, you can search for text using Safari, instead of having to look for it manually.

More on the latest update over at Apple.

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