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What to expect from Microsoft’s Windows 8.2 update

Windows 8.1 Update is already out of the way and its now time to focus on what comes next. Last year, it was reported about Windows 9 and the idea of Windows 10 being a “full cloud based operating system.” These details came from the notorious leaker, Wzor. Now, it appears new information has come to light about Microsoft’s future plans for Windows. According to new details from Wzor, Microsoft will roll out another update to Windows 8.1 sometime in September of this year. 

At Microsoft Build 2014 we found out what was in store for Windows 8.1 Update 1, but now attention is shifting to what lays ahead. WZOR, the Russian pirate group, has released some new details on the next Microsoft OS update. Although the group seems certain it’s coming this autumn, it’s not sure if Microsoft will decided to call it Windows 8.1 Update 2 or shift to Windows 8.2. Naming conventions aside, this update will purportedly bring the new Start menu we saw at Build. Similar to theWindows 7 Start menu, this throwback would allow users to look through a list of their programs while retaining some of the Metro aesthetic, complete with integrated Live Tiles. These Live Tiles will not only launch programs but also update with new information on the weather and inbox counts.

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