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What would you do if all of your electronics stopped working?

What would you do if all of your electronics stopped working

Thinking about my gadgets and laptops deceased is one of the saddest love affairs that would ever be told, yes, it would be even more so than the one in Twilight, except I would have the Kristen Stewert look on my face. I can’t remember a life without at least one gadget in my hand at some point.

I remember Lite Brite, Game Boy and my favorite… Speak n’ Spell to my dolls Cricket, Teddy Ruxbin and the babies that could eat and burp to Oopsie Daises crawling on my living room floor. We may not have thought about it then of just how much technology has been influential in our lives since back then it was just that really cool toy you just had to have.

Obviously we grow up and move on to big girl and big boy toys, since the basis of what we use now such as tablets, smartphones and even computers are distant cousins to what we played with back then.

It was amazing to have a walk-man and helicopters that flew via a controller, trains that moved around the tracks to dancing fish heads, we all have a “mommy I want that” tech moment and memory that makes us smile when we reflect.

Perhaps having access to these things at a young age made it easily able to become addicted to the evolution of my childhood toys into my adult ones. I fear what would happen if all of our technologies stopped working… or what if the Internet… nope, I refuse to go there.

Sometimes we get trapped inside our technologies much like in the movie TRON that we don’t realize how much we are dependent on them, I wouldn’t have the job I do, the ease in connecting and sending messages and our world would still be worlds apart, not to mention, this article would cease to exist (insert rage face here).

Everything seems to have a day to its own, so if it has yet been declared we need a day to dedicate to technology and it should be a Holiday…jus sayin. In the meantime I will try to push aside the thoughts of technology failure although I fear I might have a hard time sleeping after this post… thank goodness for glow worms.

What do you think?

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