WhatsApp has crossed the 600 million user mark


Popular mobile messaging service WhatsApp has crossed 600 million monthly active users, CEO Jan Koum announced. The company had crossed 500 million monthly active users in April, which means it has added 100 million users in just four months. WhatsApp is clearly leading the pack followed by Tencent’s WeChat with 438 million active users, and Viber with 100 million active users. Koum also takes a dig at other messaging services who do not reveal the number of monthly active users, saying, “Yes, active and registered are very different types of numbers.”

WhatsApp leads the rest of the mobile messaging field when it comes to popularity, and now the Facebook-owned service has passed 600 million monthly active users, according to CEO and founder Jan Koum. The app crossed the significant half a billion user milestone in April this year. Tencent’s WeChat app is closest behind with 438 million active users, most of whom are likely in China, while Tango (70 million active users) and Viber (100 million active users) are among a clutch of other apps further back. Koum’s tweet includes a sly dig at companies like Line and Kik, which only reveal registered user numbers rather than how many of that number are actually using their service. However, the WhatsApp business model (of charging $1 per year after a year of free use) continues to look positively dated compared to more feature-centric chat ‘platforms’. Line’s revenues are growing faster than Twitter’s and Tencent is reaping lucrative rewards from WeChat’s gaming focus — so focusing on user numbers is perhaps just another side of the story.


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